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The Importance of Salon Equipment Color

8. March 2010


If you ever felt that success of a salon has nothing to do with the aesthetics, you are dead wrong. Most customers are only willing to pay salon prices if they get salon treatment. Salon equipment furniture is what will take a stylists workplace from zero to hero and one of the most important aspects [...]

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What to Look for in Salon Equipment

25. February 2010


When choosing salon equipment furniture for your beauty salon or spa, there are a few things you should keep in mind before making your final selection. Does this piece fit into my budget? You’ll want to choose furniture and equipment that won’t put you into debt! While brand new pieces can be expensive, you can [...]

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The Most Important Piece of Salon Equipment or Furniture

12. January 2010

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As a salon owner, what do you consider the most important piece of salon equipment furniture you own? Is it your styling chairs, which enable stylists to cut and color hair with ease, while at the same time setting the visual tone of your salon and offering clients a comfortable place to relax and enjoy [...]

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Finding Salon Equipment for Less

5. January 2010


Where should you turn when you want to buy salon equipment furniture without breaking the bank? Every salon needs functional and attractive furnishings and specialized equipment, but you may not want to go overboard with your spending, especially in this economy. Whether you’re a seasoned salon veteran or a brand new salon owner, it pays [...]

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Essential Salon Equipment Furniture

22. December 2009


No matter what kind of salon you run or where your business is located, you can count on needing salon equipment and furniture to make the experience enjoyable for both clients and stylists alike. There are many different types of salons, including hair salons, nail salons, salons that offers facials and massages, and those that [...]

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